Rishan progresses on his mission to advance aviation industry in Maldives

Fascinated by the aviation industry as a child, Rishan Mohamed initially wanted to become a pilot but later in adulthood he soon changed tack once he decided airline management was far more exciting to him. He  travelled to India and later to Malaysia to study aviation operations and management and once he returned to The Maldives he worked for a local airline Flyme (Villa Air) for three years, gaining experience in the industry.

Hearing about the Australia Awards through his academic mentors and later through social media, Rishan thought this could be an opportunity for him to progress his career in aviation and to fulfil his mission to advance the aviation industry in The Maldives.

Rishan applied and was accepted and then travelled to Melbourne with his family in 2020, completing his Masters of Science (Aviation) from RMIT University. He knew of the renowned studying opportunities that Australia had to offer but Rishan also recognized that by submerging himself into the aviation networks and  the multi cultures that Australia has to offer it would enhance not only his professional but personal knowledge and he would be able to apply that and take it back home to the Maldives. Studying in Australia gave Rishan different opportunities by expanding his networks, while deepening his knowledge of the extensive Aviation history in Australia.

When asked what advice Rishan would give to those who are thinking about applying for the Australia Awards Scholarships, Rishan enthusiastically stated, “I would suggest to everyone to jump out of their comfort zone. If you’re in the position to take upon this opportunity just do it. My motto is ‘keep going’ because somewhere down the line you will find the answers you’re looking for, but you’ll never know if you never try”.

After his Australia Awards Scholarship experience, upon returning to the Maldives, Rishan has received a promotion as the Strategic Planning Manager with Flyme Villa Air.

“I’m inspired by good people who work on an ethical platform and still have time to help others, as well as those who have a dream to achieve”, Rishan further stated. It seems Rishan truly is an inspiration to those around him, and he has been chosen as the ‘hero’ face of The Maldives for the upcoming 2023 Australia Awards Scholarship intake campaign in his home country. Further information regarding the Australia Awards Scholarships visit www.australiaawards.com.au